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NOVIR - Nordic Visual Impairment Network

NOVIR - Nordic Visual Impairment Network is a Nordic co-operation in the field of visual rehabilitation. The network consists of national vision rehabilitation institutions from Denmark, The Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Read more about the network here..

NOVIR meeting 2020

Meeting in Sweden April 2020, read more about the meeting here...

Annoncement about the Nordic Pre-School Conference

The guidelines according to the Corona in Denmark have changed:

Unfortunately we have to postpone the Conference about Infants and Preschool Children with Visual Impairment - Prepared and equipped for transitions the 14.-15. of May 2020.

We´re sorry about this decision. But the Corona is increasing in Denmark and the authorities have tightened the rules for events and education with the purpose of preventing the spread of infection.

We will return as soon as we are able to set up a new date for the Conference.

Regards, Nanette Borges, Synscenter Refsnæs

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